1.25" Tall, 1.5" to 10" Wide, Glossy Black Brass Nameplate

1.25" H Glossy Black Brass Name Plate - enmengraving
1.25" H Glossy Black Brass Name Plate - enmengraving
1.25" Tall, 1.5" to 10" Wide, Glossy Black Brass Nameplate - EnMEngraving
  • Check out product images for all fonts and symbols. If not specified, default font is Arial without any symbols. Supports up to four lines of text.
  • Solid brass plate with glossy black finish. Plate is 0.016" thick and 1.25" tall. Multiple widths to choose from: 1.5", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 4", 4-1/2", 5", 5-1/2", 6", 6-1/2", 7", 7-1/2", 8", 8-1/2", 9", 9-1/2", and 10".
  • Five corners to choose: square (default), round, notched, chamfer and scallop.
  • Four mounting options: none (default), adhesive, two 3/32" holes with matching wood screws, or four holes with screws
  • Clean, laser-sharp and permanent engraving using our laser engraver. The laser marks directly INTO metal, making it long-lasting.
  • Perfect as nameplates, id tags, badges, signs, and memorial. Recommended for indoor applications.
  • Made in USA


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*This plate supports up to 4 lines of text.

How to specify font and symbol

Please choose from the images below for supported fonts and symbols. Enter the corresponding number of the fonts, symbols, along with any other special instructions in the text area above "Add to Cart" button.

List of Fonts

Please refer to the images below for available font:

available font engraved by enmengraving.com available font engraved by enmengraving.com

List of Symbols

Please refer to the image below for available symbols:

available symbols engraved by enmengraving.com

Available Corner Shapes

For plates width a height >= 3/4" we can do the following corner shapes:

available nameplate corner shapes by enmengraving.com


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  • Can you do a plate that has text and a custom graphic? Ideal size would be 2" high by 3" wide.


    Thank you for contacting us. Yes, we can do custom graphics with a one time setup fee of $8.99. You may use the same graphics in the future for free. Please email us directly at enmengraving@gmail.com with details.

    Best regards

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