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1" H x 3" W, Satin Brass Blank Perpetual Plate, Rectangular, Rounded or Notched Corners, 10, 20, 50 or 100 Quantity Pack

1" H x 3" W, Satin Brass Blank Perpetual Plate |
  • High quality prestigious gold color brass plate in 1" H x 3" W size
  • Three corner options to choose from: square, rounded, notched
  • Pre-lacaqured blank name plates ready for engraving and can be darkened
  • Three mounting options: none (default), adhesive, or two 3/32" holes with matching wood screws
  • Perfect as perpetual plaques, id tags, badges, signs, and memorial
  • All our plates are proudly made in USA and ships from North Texas
  • Applications
    • Engraveable? YES
    • Sublimatable? YES
    • Laserable? NO
    • For Outdoor Use? NO
  • $23.09

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